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Vinitex Synthetic Wire


Built in memory

Able to be extended, and easily returned back to its original form. Its elasticity means it can adapt to undulating ground.

Neutral to temperature change

The consistency of your yields can be improved as Vinitex  is neutral to temperature change.

Saves time and labour

Vinitex saves time and labour, as each person can tuck up to 4 – 5 times more than the equivalent amount of steel

Vinitex Synthetic Wire for Vineyards

Vinitex is a lightweight, user friendly & cost effective synthetic foliage wire which has been used extensively throughout France for over 30 years. The aim of the Vinitex system is to keep foliage off the ground, reducing fungal disease, keeping it well ventilated and exposing the fruit to more sunlight, leading to uniform and earlier ripening.

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Why is Vinitex superior to steel wire?

  • Unique polyester based formulation
  • The memory built into Vinitex allows it to be extended, whilst always returning to original tension
  • No permanent wire strainers are required
  • Unaffected by UV and does not rust
  • Lightweight – one coil of Vinitex No.3 (1300m) weighs only 10kg
  • User friendly – safe to work with and smooth to handle
  • Vinitex is neutral to temperature change from -40°C to +70°C
  • Saves labour – one person has been reported to tuck the equivalent of 4 to 5 times the amount compared to steel
  • Vinitex has elasticity, allowing it to adapt to undulating ground while remaining under tension
  • The smooth texture of Vinitex does not facilitate the attachment of tendrils
  • Vinitex works with all mechanical vineyard equipment

 Vinitex Synthetic Wire

  • Available in 2.6mm and 3.0 mm
  • Mostly suited to foliage, catch and dripper wires



  • Australian made
  • Vini-clips specially developed for the viticulture industry; moulded from polyethylene UV stabilized plastic
  • Available in single or double ended clips
  • By design the load is carried by the screw rather than the clip
  • Screw pullout loads far exceed those of nails and staples
  • Posts are not subjected to hammer shock when screw-driving
  • No pre-drilling required

Rope Strainers

  • Australian made
  • Made from high quality marine swivel shackle and blocks, stainless steel shackles, 10mm double braided rope
  • The safe and only way to install Vinitex

Testimonial – Tim, Breeze Wines

We have used Vinitex as a catch wire for the past two seasons. We have found it extremely easy to instal, tension and repair if necessary. As a catch wire its perfect and I wouldn’t go back to wire. Cost affective, time saving and simple to use.


Breeze Wines

Popular Applications & Industries



Raspberry Cane Growing

Vinitex can be very successfully used in raspberry cane trellising –  rather than twine which breaks quite easily Vinitex does not break and when installed correctly will last for years.


A comparison; Steel Wire vs Vinitex Synthetic Wire

Steel Vinitex
When the temperature changes, it stretches.

Provides less support for vegetation, needs retightening, using large quantities of staples.

Conductive to electricity, and thus can burn leaves or fruit during electrical storms.

Vinitex™ is neutral to temperature change (-40⁰C +70⁰C).  As it is molecularly aligned polyester Vinitex™ is not conductive to electricity and will tighten on the trellis slightly during extreme heat.
Extensive handling:  stretching the wire for lowering and restretching for rising, never having the security of correct vine support. Because of its permanent tension.  Vinitex™ wire does not touch the ground.  Easy to work with and time saver, Vinitex™ wire stays attached to the posts.
Slack wires are a risk for machines and can cause expensive mechanical breakdowns. Vinitex™ wires are adapted for machines (automatic liftup, pre-pruning, barrel pruners, harvesting…..) and facilitate their passage because they are always tight.
The weight of steel wire and its texture make it difficult to handle and sometimes dangerous.  Galvanised wire often cuts branches, leaves or fruit. Wire breaks are frequent and it is more difficult to retie with knots. Vinitex™ wire does not injure plants and is neutral to corrosion.  If the wire is severed, Vinitex™ returns to its normal state, regaining its elasticity and falling to the ground without causing serious injuries.

Reattachments are done with a simple knot (more economic), using our gripper.

Tightening galvanised wire causes micro-lesions which accelerates corrosion, even though it is purchased specifically to avoid corrosion!  Rust is a problem as it stays on the plants or fruit. It is noxious for the grape.  The lifespan of the wire is reduced. With permanent tension, there is no need for retightening.  No micro lesions occur during handling because of its elasticity and polyester material.
Personnel and materials are needed for retightening the wire at least once a year.

Installation and handling are difficult due to its weight and rigidity.

No need for personnel or systems for retightening.

Great ease in installation due to the light weight and suppleness of Vinitex™ which only weighs approx. 10kg per 1300m roll

Lifting-up is difficult on very vegetative grapes.

Wires lose suppleness during the lift-up.

Drawing off is made difficult because of attaching tendrils

The lift-up is faster due to its permanent tension (5-12 times quicker). The time saved and ease of utilisation allows for savings in labour and transfer of activity.

The texture of Vinitex™ does not facilitate the attachment of tendrils.

Difficulties in handling and tension in damaged, hollow or undulating ground. Its lightness and permanent elasticity allows Vinitex™ to adapt itself to all types of ground surfaces. There is no need to retighten or put it on the ground.
Wires may conduct chemicals from treated posts to the fruit. Vinitex will not conduct chemicals from treated posts to the fruit, making the fruit safer for human consumption.

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