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Automatic Flusher Valve

  • Australian made
  • Easy to install
  • Automatic flusher valves for viticulture and agriculture, allow the air to escape quickly from your dripper system and automatically shut off when the water reaches the valve at the end of the line
  • Equally pressurizing the entire dripper line at once, giving equal irrigation to all plants along the line
  • When the water pressure is turned off, the automatic flusher valve opens, allowing flushing of mud and grit, with the drainage of your dripper system
  • Every time you turn on or off the water, the lines are flushed, eliminating the need to walk your lines to open taps or untie/retie hose ends, saving valuable time, labour and money
  • Made from strong lasting UV stabilized material
  • Pressure flushing of lines is easily obtained by inserting the wedge supplied into the valve, if required
  • Spiral fast tension ties can be used to fasten valve at the end of your dripper line to the support wire
  • Download brochure for more information¬†HERE¬†