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Vinitex Synthetic Wire

Vinitex is the cost effective alternative to steel wire.
Backed by a 15 year warranty.

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Beltrak Solutions is a trusted provider for a range of quality products suited for Australian industry. The Beltrak team combines years of experience in various industries in Australia with customer-centric service to ensure your needs are met completely.

Beltrak products are cost effective, innovative and of superior quality.

The Beltrak Range

Vinitex synthetic wire & accessories

Black Duck Seat Covers

I use Vinitex in my vineyard and have done so for a number of years. It’s almost perfect! My men would never go back to using wire. If we cut the wire, it is so easy to rejoin. It holds the trellis up beautifully.

I have successfully used the barrel pruner with Vinitex – although I had a couple of cuts, they’re so quick and easy to rejoin, it’s still the best foliage wire to use!


McLaren Vale

Vinitex is my choice of foliage wire. We hand pick our fruit to maintain quality – I would never go back to steel wire. Vinitex doesn’t need re-tensioning and does not break.


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